Covid-19 Statement

Precautions we are taking for COVID-19: With our 51 total units at Faria resorts, we have been closely tracking every new development related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and have been in contact with local health officials for guidance. Without question, our top priority has been the health and well being of our guests, employees and house cleaners. We know each decision we make has a broad impact far beyond our operations.

Minor changes in amenities: Lazy river tubes have been temporally removed, but lazy river is open. You are more than welcome to bring your own floatation devices for the lazy river! As well, there is a limit on the amount of people in the arcade of 4 persons. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining clean and sanitary housing accommodations and are taking additional measures to ensure that health and safety remain at the forefront. All of our units will be disinfected upon guest departure. With that being said, below are some of the ways we are staying proactive:

1. Universal Infection Control Precautions – We will continue to implement high-level infection control practices. We are disinfecting our units after every check out to give our guests the peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Units and high traffic areas are treated with an EPA approved antimicrobial agent that instantly kills any microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores. It’s precisely engineered as a Bactericide, sanitizer, fungicide, mildewcide, deodorant, germicide, and viricide to kill fungus, viruses, mold, and mildew. It not only kills germs and disinfects but also eradicates pathogenic odors.

2. Additional sanitizer stations – We have placed sanitizer stations throughout the resorts to help protect against any germs and help mitigate any potential risks.

3. Additional cleaning procedures – We have recommended that all cleaners wear disposable gloves to protect our guests and themselves from any germs as they clean. As always, our cleaners have been paying special attention to cleaning: Sanitizing all kitchen surfaces/appliances, sanitizing all bathroom surfaces, sanitizing TV remotes, sanitizing door handles and more.

4. Resort free arcade – We’re spraying down all arcade games, controllers, door handles and seating surfaces.

5. Asking guests to practice social distancing at all amenities by staying 6ft apart from another group. 

Thank you for being a customer of Faria resorts and we look forward to seeing you for a fun-filled, fresh air, outdoor family experience.

– Steve Faria, President/Owner