Rules & Regulations

4 Bedroom Villa

Thank you for choosing to stay with us here at WaterMill Cove Resort. We are excited to have you visit with us and hope your stay is very memorable and you will want to return. Our number one goal is to achieve your 100% satisfaction, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay a pleasant experience. While you are there we ask you to treat our home as if it was your own, so we can keep renting to wonderful people like yourself! 

Below are the rules and regulations we ask you to follow.

Emergency Maintenance

If you have a maintenance emergency, questions, or issues during your stay, call or text our on-site property manager, Bailey, at 417-366-0284. For a faster response, please text first before calling. The hours of operation are 8am-10pm. If after hours, please leave a message or text and the property manager will get back with you promptly.

Strict Guest Policy

Please understand that there are NO outside guests allowed at WaterMill Cove Resort. Our amenities are reserved for paying guests of the resort ONLY. The rental rate for our four bedroom villa includes up to 8 guests. Over the 8 guests, there is a charge of $25/day/person during summer peak season and $15/day/person at all other times. There is a maximum of 12 guests allowed for each villa. NO EXCEPTIONS! We do allow a maximum of two children under the age of 2 free per reservation, but they must be accounted for in your total number of guests. Wristbands will be waiting in your villa based on the total number of guests accounted for in your reservation and must be worn at all times. Children under 2 are not required to wear wristbands. If we are notified PRIOR to arrival regarding additional guests, there is only the $25/day per person charge during summer peak season and $15/day at all other times. If you have over the allotted guests allowed for the villa, your guests will be asked to leave the premises immediately and there will be a $50 per person penalty. Sorry, but this is enforced to ensure the resort is not overcrowded and our paying guests have the most pleasurable visit as possible. If you have any questions, please call 417-708-5351.


Smoking is prohibited inside the villa and will not be tolerated. Please do not smoke inside the villa. If any smoking is discovered, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will forfeit the remainder of your rental and deposit. We certainly hope to never encounter such a situation, as we wish to maintain smoke-free units for the enjoyment of everyone. Please do not smoke in the pool or other amenity areas. You are welcome to smoke outdoors, but please close all doors so smoke does not enter the villa. You will also be responsible for proper disposal of cigarette butts or a $50 fee per each cigarette butt found on the property will be charged to your account. Please provide your own ashtrays for disposal of ashes. Thank you for your cooperation and courtesy.


We do have internet at the resort. The password to login is:

Please make sure the “W” is capital in Watermill.

We do not allow guests to disconnect our wireless network to run their own.  Using your own mobile satellite system (ie. Dish Network for campers) or any other equipment (i.e. Apple TV) is prohibited.  Thank you for understanding that installing these systems on our existing network can cause problems for the next guests.


The kitchen is equipped with almost every necessity. This includes: pots and pans, mixing bowls, dinner plates, bowls, cups, coffee cups, wine glasses, plastic plates, plastic bowls, refrigerator, cutting boards, microwave, flat burner stove, dishwasher, salt and pepper, regular drip coffee maker (requires regular 8-12 cup filters – not provided), blender, hand mixer, crock pot, griddle, waffle maker, toaster, silverware, large cutting and steak knives, Pyrex glassware, CorningWare, and miscellaneous dishes and utensils. Dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher detergent, dish towels and cloths, trash bags and one roll of paper towels are also provided. We do not provide spices, coffee filters, Tupperware, Ziploc bags, Aluminum Foil, plastic wrap, disposable products or disposable utensils. Throughout your stay, please place trash in the large trash dumpsters located throughout the resort.


All TVs in the villa are flat panel Smart TVs. Internet streaming on TV’s is available but not guaranteed.

Laundry Room

Your villa includes a fully stocked laundry room with a full-sized washer and dryer, ironing board, iron, and laundry basket for your convenience. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are also provided.


The bathrooms are stocked with full size bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and a hair dryer in every bathroom. Provided in each shower is a dispenser containing TRESemme shampoo, TRESemme conditioner, and body wash. Each bathroom also contains liquid hand soap and four full rolls of toilet paper. Bathroom towels are not to be used for the pool or lake. There is a $15 fee per towel for any lost or damaged towel. If you need to clean your used towels during your stay, please use the washer and dryer provided.


Barbeque Grill

A Professional Series stainless steel gas barbeque grill is supplied for your convenience. Please clean grill with provided grill brushed after each use. We make every effort to ensure the propane bottles are filled for your convenience. If you should need another propane bottle, call or text our on-site property manager, Bailey, at 417-366-0284.

Trailer and Additional Vehicle Parking

Only 3 vehicles are allowed to park in front of the villa. Please, no trailer parking in front of the villa. If you have more than 3 vehicles or if you have a trailer, please move them to the additional parking area. Because parking is limited we charge $50 if you park in front of a unit not belonging to you.

Golf Carts

Golf cart rentals are available online and in advance for your convenience. If you are interested in renting a golf cart during your stay, please visit for online reservations. Contact Bailey at 417-366-0284 with any questions. Rentals may be paid a with credit card online. Once you’ve purchased your golf cart rental, an online rental agreement must be signed before using the cart. We ask that you carefully read the agreement before signing. Please understand that if the Golf Cart Rules are not adhered to, your golf cart rental will be terminated.

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The Pool, Lazy River, Waterslide, and Hot Tubs

The pools and the Lazy River are open beginning the first week of May to the third week in October, and are heated to 82-85 degrees from mid-May through September. Pool hours are from 9am – 10pm depending on weather. We ask that you please be courteous to all guests. Pool rules are posted and we ask you to STRICTLY follow them for your safety. Children under the age of 14 MUST be supervised by an adult at all times. PLEASE NO CLIMBING ON THE ROCKS. NO DIVING. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in the pool areas. Please pick up any trash, bottles, swim toys, etc. when you leave the pool areas. Tubes are provided for the Lazy River and need to remain in the Lazy River. Do not leave floats in the pools, as these block the filtration system and cause the pools to not be as clean and clear. Please put chaise lounges and chairs back in their original locations. Please fold down umbrellas after use. The bath towels provided in the villas are NOT for use at the pools—please bring your own swim towels. There is a pool house with two restrooms for your convenience. We continually put a lot of effort into delivering a great pool experience to our guests, and we ask that you please help us continue that excellent experience. This is a family friendly resort. No boisterous or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Guests behaving in such a manner will be asked to leave immediately. Thank you in advance for your care and cooperation.


You can use the dock as much as you would like. When entering or exiting the dock with a boat or jet ski, please be extra cautious of swimmers in the water. Also, please adhere to the buoys in the water for idle speeds. If this is violated and viewed by water patrol, we guarantee a ticket will be issued. Feel free to fish or swim off the end of the dock. For your safety, NO DIVING, please! Please pick up any trash you might have and leave the dock clean for all guests. After using kayaks, paddleboards, paddleboats, and canoes please pull them up approximately 15 feet from shoreline. We have a number of life jackets for you to use, or you can bring your own (except for children 3 and under, you will need to provide those)  Aqua Cycles (pontoon-like paddle boats) are available to rent. Visit for more information and to purchase your pass.

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Boat Slips

There is a limited number of boat slips available. We cannot guarantee a boat slip/jet ski port rental unless it is rented prior to your arrival. We make every effort to inform our guests about their boat slip assignment before arrival. If you would like to rent a boat slip or jet ski port after your arrival, please call 417-708-5351 to check to see if any slips are available at that time.

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Boat Rentals

We have Luxury Pontoon boats which are available for rental to our guests only. Boat rentals include the boat slips. Standard life jackets will be provided for all rentals. If you would like to rent a boat for Sunday, the rental must be made no later than the Saturday prior. This allows all check out procedures to be completed on Saturday, so our employees can have Sunday mornings off. We appreciate your understanding. For pricing information visit
To rent a boat please call reservations at 417-708-5351.

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If your villa is supplied with an umbrella, we ask that during high winds, overnight, or when not in use, you PLEASE fold the umbrellas so they will not break or fly away. We have had quite a few instances in which tables have broken and umbrellas have been damaged. PLEASE adhere to this policy so that your deposit is not affected/ no additional charges occur. Please also fold umbrellas after use at the pool.

Ice Machines

For the convenience of our guests, we provide an ice machine on the property. You can find the ice machine by the blue cabin and the golf cart charging station. The honor system is used for ice bag usage accountability and we hope that this is a convenience we can continue to offer our guests. An email will be sent within a few days of departure regarding the quantity of bags of ice used. Please reply with your total count and we will deduct the amount from your deposit/charge the card on file. The price per bag is only $1.50.

Free Amenities:

Mini Golf Course, Basketball Court, Sand Volleyball  Court, Mega Treehouse and Playground, Bocce Ball Court,Horse Shoe Pit, Tree Hammocks, Canoes, Paddleboats, Paddleboards, Kayaks, Fishing Poles, Lily Pad, Shuffleboard Court, Pickle Ball, Arcade and Bikes

These amenities are free of charge to our customers. We ask that you please be respectful of the equipment and treat them as if they were your own. Continued respect for the treatment of these items by our guests allows us to continue providing them at no charge. Please be courteous to others waiting to use any of the amenities. The balls for the mini golf can be found in the old time coke machine outside of the Watermill house. After using kayaks, paddleboards, paddleboats, and canoes please pull them up approximately 15 feet from shoreline. For your safety, we recommend the use of life jackets with all our water amenities. We have a number of life jackets for you to use, or you can bring your own (except for children 3 and under, you will need to provide those) We also ask that parents watch their children at all times during any of these activities. Thank you for your understanding and have fun!

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Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplaces

The wood for the outdoor fireplaces and our fire pits are located in various places around the resort. The wood is free to our guests. Please build fires responsibly by keeping them under control and not too large. The appropriate fire should consist of 4-5 pieces of wood. The fire pits are a wonderful place to gather around for a marshmallow roast, cook hot dogs and share great stories. We hope you enjoy them!

Check-In and Check-Out Policies

Check-in time is at 5:00pm. We do not allow early check-ins under any circumstance. The cleaning staff requires the entire time allotted to clean the villa. Please check out promptly at 10:00am. There will be a $50 charge deducted from your deposit for every 30 minutes past the 10:00am check out time.

Upon Departure

Please follow the instructions below to ensure no additional charges incur:

  • Please gather all your trash into bags and place the bags in the large blue dumpsters.
  • Please gather all of the dirty towels and place in your laundry basket.
  • Please  do not make or strip the beds on the morning of your departure. 
  • To help the cleaning crew, please start a load of towels in the washing machine. 
  • Please place all dishes in the dishwasher and start the cycle. Clean any unused dishes that will
    not fit into the dishwasher and put away.
  • Please double check that the grill has been cleaned.
  • Please turn off all lights and double check the home for personal belongings. We’re happy to send lost and found items back to you, but you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping plus a $25 processing fee — so double check for that phone charger.

We know you have many choices where to spend your family vacation and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to create great memories for you and your family and friends. We hope you have enjoyed your time at our resort and look forward to seeing you again soon

Thank you,
The WaterMill Cove Team

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