Let It Snow Special

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Free stay if it snows? ❄️ Stay from Jan 15th – Feb 30th and receive 10% OFF every inch it snows during your entire stay. Book now 417-708-5351. Use code LETITSNOW20. Yes, that means you could get to stay FREE if it snows 10 inches!


Cathy books a 4-night stay at WaterMill Cove Resort.  

  • On her first night staying at WaterMill Cove, no snow.
  • On her 2nd night, 6 inches.
  • On her 3rd night, 1 inch.
  • On her 4th night, no snow.

Cathy will now get 70% off her stay! 

Please note: Non-refundable. New reservations only. Dates only apply from Jan. 15th – Feb 30th.